Update Platinum Screen

December 23rd, 2020

Dear Hair Diagnostix customer,

Our new laboratory is all set! In recent weeks, our team has worked extremely hard to prepare an alternative location, established with all the necessary protocols and equipment. Taking the strictest corona measures into account, we have now managed to make our processes less sensitive to corona restrictions. Starting next week, we will be resuming hair screens. That’s great news!

The backlogs we have incurred will be getting cleared in batches. We are currently finalizing a schedule for this. In the upcoming weeks, all our costumers will receive a personal email which details which ‘batch’ their sample will be screened and when they can expect the results. We strive to provide our customers with test results in January.

On behalf of the entire Hair Diagnostix team, we would like to thank everybody very much for their patience during these difficult times. We are very grateful for all the support we have experienced in this recent period. We are in high spirits, and can’t wait to finally restart!

If you have any questions, please contact us via support@hairdiagnostix.com  or call +31 43 302 2722.

Statement Platinum Screen

October 20th, 2020

Dear Hair Diagnostix customer,

At the end of September, our newest hair screen was presented to the public during a broadcast of AVRO TROS Radar on national television. This announcement was preceded by 18 months of research and development and although we thought we had prepared everything to the detail, we were still very surprised by the number of requests that we received afterwards.

The morning after the broadcast our team started to get the test kits ready as fast as possible., so that we could stick to our customer promise. This goal was achieved, as 98% of all packages were sent within 48 working hours.

For a small start-up it’s obviously amazing to be able to start like, but this growth sprint exceeded every expectation. We had prepared to be able to handle between 100 and 200 screens per month on average, and as a result of the TV broadcast we expected to receive a few dozen requests. That turned out to be hundreds! We realized immediately that delivering on this demand would a strong challenge, but it appeared that we would be able to handle this with additional efforts.

But then Corona threw us off balance. As you are probably aware, the situation in The Netherlands has become more critical, leading to more rigid measures imposed by the government, and reducing our flexibility to put in extra effort.

This weekend, we have had to make the tough decision to shut down our laboratory activities effective immediately. By means of this letter I want to explain the underlying arguments for this harsh decision:

  • In our laboratory, our capacity is reduced, because we have to apply access restrictions. As a result the safety of our employees is being compromised. This is an unacceptable risk, we are not willing to take.
  • Due to global travel restrictions, it has been impossible to fly in the expert engineers needed to maintain our high-tech specialized equipment. This maintenance ensures that our measurement results stay as accurate as we need them to be. Continuing without this maintenance means that we can nog longer work at our own desired quality standard. This is an unacceptable choice.

Our team is currently looking for ways to be able to temporarily move to another laboratory in order to reduce waiting times as much as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to identify a similar laboratory, and also, these alternatives are limited by safety regulations.

We understand that this is a difficult message for you, and we are aware of the fact that you want to receive your results quickly after you have gone through the emotional decision to order a kit.

Let me assure you that we are doing everything to be able to resume our analysis, as soon as Corona restrictions will be reduced, or by identifying an alternative laboratory.

We hope for your understanding in this very difficult situation for all of us. For further questions, please contact us via support@hiardiagnostix.com.

Cyrille Depondt
CEO Hair Diagnostix