Toxic elements

Whether it is visible or not, there are a multitude of circumstances in which individuals are exposed to toxic elements. A prime example of this is waste materials from heavy industry, where exposure can come from spray booths, welding activities, etc.

With respect to toxic elements, minimizing exposure is crucial, and a common cause for concern is the build-up of toxic materials over periods of unintended chronic exposure. Much of the time, there are strict protocols to ensure the safety of the personnel, such as the employment of standard procedures or personal protective equipment. However, these protocols can only go so far, and a bit of contamination is practically inevitable.

Hair Diagnostix offers a hair test that gives you the benefits of a personalised, nuanced report that documents toxic elemental exposure up to 90 days from the time of hair collection. This information can provide valuable insights into the presence of potentially harmful substances and a time-sensitive profile which allows you to monitor and manage periods of exposure and help make decisions that keep you safer and healthier.

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