Detect leaking
breast implants

One hair makes the difference! #BII

Hair Diagnostix has developed a test with which platinum, a so-called “marker” of silicone leakage, can be made visible. This proprietary test can detect whether or not your silicone breast implants are intact.

Detect leaking breast implants

Test if your
breast implants
are intact

Hair Diagnostix has developed the Platinum Screen, a diagnostic tool with which you can test whether or not your breast implants are intact. By means of a mass spectrometry screen we can give you insight into whether there are elevated levels of platinum, a by-product in the production of silicone gel, in the body. If there is a rupture or gel bleed, platinum is released into the bloodstream.

How the Platinum Screen works

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Test yourself with
the Platinum Screen

How it works

  • Step 1: Order the Platinum Screen
  • Step 2: Receive a test kit at home and return the hair sample
  • Step 3: The hair analysis is performed by highly skilled scientists
  • Step 4: The research results are shared in a digital report