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Do people get the right daily amount of nutrients? This is a question that has plagued researchers and doctors for many years. Additionally, it may be interesting to assess what the consequences are (or can be) of a dietary intervention or a change in a dietary pattern.

To establish what the levels of relevant nutrients are, Hair Diagnostix is developing a test to, comprehend various nutrient levels by means of a single screen. The test allows for an evaluation of a period of 90 days, which permits the visualisation and monitoring of fluctuations in nutrient levels. This would enable you to understand the effect of dietary changes on your body and make more informed decisions about your health.

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Hair Diagnostix has teamed up with the Eurlipids consortium, an Interreg EMR funded project made up of an international group of research institutes to study diseases in relation to lipids.

Using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry imaging technology, Hair Diagnostix is currently developing new methods to detect a wide range of lipids in hair that can become potential business opportunities.

We have already developed methods for screening cholesterol sulfate and triacylglycerides in hair and are currently working on a method to detect free cholesterol. Using these methods we will be able to deliver non-invasive diagnostic methods to either assess the health of an individual over an extended period of time, or to detect changes associated with lipid related diseases.

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