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Hair test for hard drugs

We have presented our work on drugs of abuse at an international scientific meeting (III Iberian Symposium of Toxicology) where we have explained in more detail the technology we use to screen for drugs in hair. Our state-of-the-art methodology has allowed us to push the barriers of science towards new, faster and more precise measurements of substances, such as drugs and medication, using 1 single strand of hair!

MALDI-TOF Technology

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Drug abuse represents a steadily growing problem in society. The detectability of drug abuse has been a subject of medical and technical development for many years. However, with the introduction of hair testing for hard drugs developed by Hair Diagnostix, we hope to revolutionise this process.

Drugs of abuse are readily detectable using blood and urine derived tests and have been used for many years. However, these bio-specimens present with substantial issues, such as a limited time frame for detectability of illicit substances, stability, storage issues and invasiveness of specimen collection. These are not prominent issues with regard to hair analysis, or rather issues faced to a far lesser degree.  Hair has the benefit of being a non-invasive, stable medium for continuous incorporation of metabolic substrates over relatively extensive periods of time. This provides a unique opportunity to visualise chronic drug abuse and the capacity to recall samples to revisit timepoints.

The hair test currently provided by Hair Diagnostix can also indicate a cessation of drug abuse in the context of rehabilitation facilities, and abstinence from controlled substances in the working environment. The amount of detectable drugs of abuse is continuously increasing through the research and development efforts of our team.

The drugs that can be made visible by means of our test are:










Please contact us if you are interested in a type of drug of abuse that is not on our current list.

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