Our products.

Hair Diagnostix offers unique, scientifically proven screening methods based on multiple technological platforms. By screening your hair, we can give you insights into what is going on inside your body, in a non-invasive manner.

Platinum Screen

A test with which platinum, a so-called “marker” of silicone leakage, can be made visible. This proprietary test can detect whether or not your silicone breast implants, or other silicone based body implants are intact.

Detect leaking breast implants

Business market only

Toxic elements

Monitor the presence of toxic elements in the body.

Drug development

Monitor cohorts during drug development.

Nutrient levels screen

Gain insight into the levels of the most important nutrients in your body.

Nicotine screen

Gain insight into the presence or absence of (in)directly inhaled nicotine.

Medication compliance

Monitor whether patients adhere to their treatment plan.

Drugs of abuse screen

Monitor the use of hard drugs, such as Cocaine, Heroin, XTC.