Are your
silicone implants
still intact?

Hair Diagnostix has developed a test with which platinum, a so-called “marker” of silicone leakage, can be made visible. This proprietary test can detect whether or not your silicone breast implants, or other silicone based body implants are intact. This new screening technology is backed by substantial scientific evidence and it makes use of non-invasive analytical methods.

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Lea: "The screen proves that what I’m feeling in my body, is valid!"

“Confirmation, finally! I am very happy that ‘I am not crazy’ like all the doctors told me over the last couple years. The screen proves that what I’m feeling in my body is valid. The amount of platinum in my body, which is caused by my breast implants, is extremely high. Ofcourse the results of the Platinum Screen gave me mixed feelings too, because they lead to so many new concerns about my health. Is my body one big platinum soup? What does this mean? What happens now? Immediately I contacted my plastic surgeon to share my test results, because I want my implants removed as soon as possible. Now my explant is being advanced by two months! For the first time in a long time, I feel heard and that’s an enormous relief.”

Why a
Platinum Screen?

Platinum is a toxic substance that is used during the chemical production process of silicone-based materials. After production, small amounts of Platinum remain as a contaminant in silicone-based implants. As soon as an implant ruptures or starts to leak, platinum, in addition to silicone, is also released into the body, and this can now accurately be detected in hair.

How does the test work?

Your hair samples are analysed and the results are then compared to the population average of a test-specific control group. The results of this control group were generated from a long-term study performed on women without breast implants. This allows for a more accurate assessment as to whether your platinum levels are below, comparable to, or above the average values of the control group.

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The price for the Platinum Screen is: €330,–

incl. VAT 

The Platinum Screen is currently available for shipping within Europe (most countries), USA, Canada, China, Australia, Russia and Brazil.

Is your country not on this list? Please contact us.

  • Self-test kits are sent within two working days, in an anonymous package
  • After receiving your sample, the analysis will be completed as soon as possible. In this statement you can read more about why our delivery period is temporarily extended
  • You will receive your personalised report on your private and secured account
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