How the Platinum Screen works

Platinum Screen

Hair Diagnostix has developed a test with which platinum, as a so-called “marker of silicone” can be made visible. This proprietary test can detect whether or not your silicone breast implants, or other silicone based body implants are intact. This new screening technology is supported by substantial scientific evidence and relies on non-invasive analytical methods.

How it works

  • Step 1: Order the Platinum Screen
    Order the Platinum Screen online and fill in your details.
  • Step 2: Receive a test kit at home and return the hair sample
    The Platinum Screen is delivered to your home in an anonymous package within two working days. Send the hair sample back to us. Use the return sticker so that you can track the return of your self-test.
  • Step 3: The hair analysis is performed by highly skilled scientists
    Once your hair sample has arrived at our lab, it will be examined. On average, this research period lasts two to four weeks. Your hair samples are analysed and the results are then compared to the population average of a test-specific control group. The results of this control group were generated from a long-term study performed on women without breast implants. This allows for a more accurate assessment as to whether your platinum levels are below, comparable to, or above the average values of the control group.
  • Step 4: The research results are shared in a digital report
    You will receive your personal result via your personal and secure account. Download the report using the PIN code you received during the self-test. This report contains the results of the test.

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