Jan Spivey (Co-founder PIP Action Campaign) :

"I have been very ill for a number of years"

Around the globe, women have questions regarding breast implant safety.  Women with a multitude of symptoms rarely find it easy to obtain definitive answers by means of standard testing methods, as to whether their symptoms are linked to their implants.  Blood tests may indicate elevated levels of autoimmune activity, for example, but rarely provide clues as to the cause. Other, more invasive or potentially costly interventions, may still not provide answers and not all health professionals correlate the symptoms to breast implants.   

It’s immensely difficult for women with implants to decide on the best course of action or treatment. 

We do not know what to expect from hair analysis, but we are all very excited to take part in a research collaboration to find out whether Hair Diagnostix can provide critical information about the integrity of our implants.

All the women at PIP Action Campaign taking part in the research collaboration with Hair Diagnostix have had PIP implants at some point. PIP implants were manufactured using unknown materials and processes and we are all at different stages of our implant journeys and recovery. We are very excited to see which clues our hairs contain.   

Some of us removed and replaced our PIP implants with a different brand.  Some of us had en bloc surgery to also remove our implant capsules.  Some of us still have PIP implants. Some have no implants now.  I received my PIP implants following a breast cancer diagnosis.  I have been very sick for many years.  I have removed my implants altogether but still struggle with symptoms, which I believe are linked to the silicone exposure so close to my major organs. 

Like all the other women from PIP Action Campaign involved in the research with Hair Diagnostix I can’t wait to find out whether this form of testing will empower me to take action. I am certainly extremely grateful for this opportunity!

Photo: For our latest campaign we asked women to list their very real diagnosed illnesses and number of PIP surgeries and take an anonymous photo wearing men’s clothes.

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