Detect leaking breast implants

Jamie Crafoord :

"It felt like I had two ticking time bombs in my body"

For more than 9 months, Jamie had inexplicable complaints. Doctors could not find a cause and labeled her complaints as “mental issues”. Nearly desperate and many doctor and hospital visits later, a cause was finally found: ‘sweating’ breast implants. With her own platform “Calm Your Tits” Jamie creates awareness around BII; Breast Implant Illness. Since March 2021, ‘Calm Your Tits’ and Hair Diagnostix have teamed up to help even more women!

Jamie’s story

Six months after Jamie’s breast augmentation, Jamie began to suffer from health problems and began to develop strange, inexplicable symptoms. “I hadn’t left the door for a long time then. When my boyfriend left for work, my parents took over so I wasn’t alone. I received home care that helped me shower and get dressed”.  From the beginning of her illness, Jamie thought about the risks of her breast implants, but no one believed her. “I didn’t understand what was wrong with my body. I’m going to die, I’ve thought countless times. I was terrified that my heart would stop, that it wouldn’t last anymore. At least ten times in three weeks I went to the GP with my complaints. I was in an ambulance seven times because my heart beat so irregularly.” Doctors were unable to find the cause of the extreme palpitations and she was examined by cardiologists, neurologists and and doctors. Numerous blood tests also showed no cause for Jamie’s complaints. From pillar to post, Jamie ended up with a radiologist who performed an ultrasound scan of her breast implants. These still looked fine in his eyes. The radiologist told her that a nice, thick capsule had formed around the prostheses. Jamie’s concerns about her health were dismissed and, according to doctors, they boiled down to psychological symptoms.

Detect leaking breast implants Detect leaking breast implants

In the end, Jamie chose to have her breast implants removed. A urologist, also well acquainted with her parents, discovered that her implants were in a bad condition. Contrary to what the radiologist claims. Two weeks before the operation, Jamie came across an article online showing the dangers of her type of breast implants. “In France and America women with this type of implants were called upon to have them removed, in the Netherlands you did not hear about this. I felt like I had two ticking time bombs in my body.”

With mixed feelings, Jamie was happy that she found the source of her symptoms. She decided to warn other women in the Netherlands about the danger of silicone implants. Through her own platform “Calm Your Tits”, Jamie hopes to reach and warn people who are considering or already have breast implants about the dangers. In the mini documentary on the platform’s website, Jamie extensively tells her story and experiences. She also gives you tips and valuable information about the dangers of breast implants.

Source: LINDA.meiden, Calm Your Tits

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