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Platinum Screen

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With the Platinum Screen you can easily detect if your breast implants may or may not leak. The scientifically based analysis results in a 3 month health diary that shows the levels of platinum in the body. This indicates leaking silicone breast implants. Fill in your contact details to receive an example report.

Need help understanding the report?

The following guidelines aim to help you understand the outcome of your test result.

Page 1:
The reasoning behind the platinum screen is explained here.

Page 2:
These are the actual test results, plotted as a graph. In this graph, the most important parts are:

Detect breast implant illness

The personal result is your actual outcome based on the average of all the 90-days analysed throughout your hair strand. If you are negative, we advise you to check yourself regularly given that this value is subject to change depending on several biological factors which play a role in this type of analysis. If you are positive, we advise you to consult your general practitioner or any medical expert who is aware of your condition and do a thorough check-up as you may be experiencing breast implant leakage and or rupture.

Page 3:
This page contains your personal details as well as information to ensure that all our reports are ISO150189 and applicable for future CE certification.

Page 4:
Because every person is different, we have included a list of disclaimers, which should be carefully considered when performing biological tests such as the platinum screen. We thoroughly explain four main topics involved in the present test and these should be considered upon report interpretation.

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